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Monday, April 03, 2006

The Written Word . . .

I promised you that I would share my poetry, as well as my paintings.

Here is the first poem I want to share with you, entitled “Endless Leaves”. Every year around September, my creativity is awakened from its deep summer sleep by the calling of the Fall. Of all the seasons this one is my favorite, and I am always grateful that God has given me another year of seeing the seasons change. Autumn is a deeply personal experience for me . . . it is religious. The colors in the trees . . . the deeply golden light . . . the burning sunsets . . .they call out to me in a way nothing else does. There have been times when I’ve actually felt the light beckoning me to come outside and be with it. God calls in mysterious ways.

My poems allow me to reconnect with my soul. They allow me to find that magic place where, for a few moments, I am at total peace with my self and my life. Each poem is an attempt to capture this fleeting experience of eternal beauty.

. . . Endless Leaves . . .

The season's change
called out to me
before it settled
in the trees
and scattered light
upon my dreams
like endless piles
of endless leaves
I try to gather
from the breeze,
collecting colors
no one sees . . .

endless leaves fall
through my hands
my hopes my dreams
I take my stand
through darkened forest,
weathered trees,
to find the path
through endless leaves,
the path my heart does see . . .

there's something about
the light today . . .
the endless leaves
have blown away
revealing colors
here to stay,
leaving whispers on the breeze . . .

I await the colors of my dreams . . .

The Light Within . . .

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