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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Origins . . .

Lately I've been without inspiration. I have a painting that needs to be finished. In fact, I had a dream a couple of weeks ago where I saw the painting, and it was wanting me to finish it. It's based on the image from my last post about Time, and just how short our lives really are.

The picture above is the one that started everything for me. This is the Archangel Gabriel. When he's not with me he lives at the Vatican in Rome. This picture came into my life at the exact moment I needed it most. I had just received news that a lifelong frient had died, and creatively I was exhausted and burned out. It took some time to figure out how to abstract the essence while keeping the realism and power of the angels. It was time well spent. They helped me deal with the passing of a friend and showed me a new direction for my life.

When I saw this picture a light went on inside me that has grown brighter and brighter. I was to share it with the world. Little did I know what I had started. This picture could have very easily been overlooked, ignored, thrown away . . . but it wasn't. It was meant to be.

Pay attention to the little things in your life, the thing that seem insignificant. They're usually the one that make all the difference.

- The Light Within . . .

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