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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Calling of the Fall . . .

Lately I've been feeling Autumn's call pulling at my soul. Even though we're still several weeks away from the most glorious of all the seasons, I'm already beginning to sense its coming . . .a shadow over here . . . a ray of late afternoon golden light over there. I'm looking forward to the early evenings, when the treetops are alive with color and everything below rests in the shadows of the day. The calling of the Fall . . . it's a tangible sensation I feel in my heart and soul. Fall inspires my poetry and the two are deeply and lovingly connected.

The beauty of Fall is always accompanied by the music of George Winston. His series of the seasons (Autumn, December, Winter Into Spring, and Summer) and his interpretations of the music of Vince Guaraldi have touched my life deeply. Each note of his music expresses gently falling leaves and long shadows of late Autumn days. His musical tone captures the longing of the season to remain through the inevitable shortening of her days. It is sublime beauty tinged with sadness and love. I am grateful beyond words for his talents and vision.

I was introduced to George Winston's music, his art, exactly ten years ago this fall (how appropriate). A 1996 sampler cd from Windham Hill Music arrived in the mail quite literally out of the blue. It contained nearly 50 song samples from various artists, and Winston's music touched me immediately. The universe dropped the gift of his music into my life and it becomes more special, meaningful and reverent with each passing year. I cannot imagine my life without it and that's why I'm sharing it with you.

- The Light Within . . .

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