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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Awareness . . .

Do you ever find yourself completely caught up in the moment of something, so much so that everything else recedes into the background or disappears completely…if only for a short while? That short while seems to last forever doesn’t it.

That’s a magical place indeed. One exercise I do each year is to try and remain completely aware of the beautiful Fall season as it passes by. Until late September I was looking forward to the beginning of Autumn, Indian Summer, realizing that the time of its arrival was drawing nearer with each passing day. As September turned into October the season’s light began to change…getting sharper and more focused. It became golden. Now that October has given way to November, the time has changed and we have the beautiful early evenings. Autumn has given way to Fall, cooler temperatures, misty-grey skies and the season of Thanksgiving. In a week or two the trees will begin to reveal their true colors, and their leaves will blanket the ground…preparing for the coming cold and their winter’s sleep. There is something magical about the silhouette of bare trees against the darkening evening sky of Fall. Soon, November will give way to December and the Christmas season, cold temperatures, Yuletide decorations and “the darkest evening of the year”. It’s been quite a fulfilling experience so far to watch nature reveal herself and time and life happen before my watching eyes. I’m looking forward to all of it. All it requires is an awareness of life around you.

Don’t let a day of your life go by without trying to be fully aware of friends and family, gifts from God…aware of your experience in this world. Make a conscious effort to live fully and completely.

- The Light Within . . .

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